The yacht is just the beginning

Quite Addictive.

M Yachts is a unique premium network resource designed to make yacht ownership smarter, more efficient – and uniquely pleasurable.

Clients benefit from an all-in-one service based on an exquisite selection of professionals – whether it is yacht management, charter, crew, services and administration, or live experiences.

The right thing, at the right time, in the right place.

M Yachts was birthed out of our passion for the oceans, and our goal to provide a globally accessible luxury yacht experience.

As yacht owners, charterers and clients just like yourself, you can easily connect through our platform for a more convenient experience.

All our staff is not only carefully curated, but is devoted to the M Yachts promise of quality. So rest assured that you can experience our services and offers freely with full confidence.

Entrust and Allow us the creation of unique and spectacular memories with your loved ones, and discover your yachting experience as it should be: Purely flawless.


We research and select all our partners with great care, – there is no room, nor time, for mismatches.

Please challenge us – as we compete to over exceed expectations. Or simply not only fulfill hopes, but dreams.


All member services and benefits can be accessed directly and remotely, for full transparency and clarity.

Endless Possibilities.

Our specialist concierge team can manage any request – technical, administrative, experience, or lifestyle.

Get a taste of
the most unique
wines and cigars.

Get a table at the
most exclusive
without waiting.

Have your favorite
chef onboard.

Ocean. City. Mountain. Sky.

Your yacht is limited to one – you are not. Nor are the benefits of Membership.

Good things come in six.



Direct access to our in-house yachting expertise, and through our specialist network.



One contact for all requests eliminates complexity and saves time.



Trusted access to all supplier invoices eliminates opacity, for peace-of-mind.



Rigorous partner evaluation to ensure only the best service and pricing.



Protect your investment, minimize risk, and maximize our enjoyment of your yacht.



Live and complete insight into what is happening on your yacht.

We are the Yachting People.

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